This area outlines our prices and peak times to help you plan your cat’s stay with us.
If you have any difficulty calculating the cost of your stay, or have questions regarding dates, please get in touch with us.


The following tables show the prices for our suites. The prices are per suite per day.

Deluxe Suite Prices

Normal PricesPeak Prices
1 Cat$ 24$ 29
2 Cats$ 44$ 49
3 Cats$ 58$ 63

Executive Suite Prices

Normal PricesPeak Prices
1 Cat$ 40$ 45
2 Cats$ 55$ 60
3 Cats$ 70$ 75

We offer a discount for those staying for an extended period of time.
Please feel free to contact us to confirm pricing for your particular situation.

Peak Pricing Dates

9th December 2023 to 21st January 2024
26th January 2024
29th March 2024 to 14th April 2024
25th April 2024
6th May 2024
22nd June 2024 to 7th July 2024
14th August 2024
14th September 2024 to 29th September 2024
7th October 2024
14th December 2024 to 28th January 2025

Bookings over the Christmas period will require a $100 deposit.

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